Digitized M&A Target Screening

Systematic and flexible target screening for corporate M&A managers

based on more than 10 years of top-level university research in M&A.

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Our Solution

Identify target firms across industries, technologies, and countries.



Adapt your search parameters anytime during the screening process.


Compare your shortlisted targets along individualized criteria

Our Approach

We understand target screening as the central strategic task of corporate development, where control, transparency, and traceability are crucial. Financial figures are not, as usual, the sole search criteria, but merely serve as selection criteria.

With applied M&A research as well as AI technology we integrate and process numerous data sources for M&A screening purposes.

We identify potential target companies in a wide variety of growth directions and regions, automate step-by-step longlists and shortlists, and create detailed profiles of relevant targets.


Tell us about your SCREENING GOAL.

Based on your acquisition strategy we scout for all existing firms on a global scale using structured and unstructured data.


Tell us about your SCREENING CRITERIA.

We measure and evaluate all firms using research-backed knowledge for creating longlists and shortlists.
Once set up your screening criteria are adaptable and extendable anytime - for one or several screening projects.


Play around and SIMULATE various longlist-shortlist contingencies.

We create a ranking and profiles of your final target shortlist once you have set weightings of relevant criteria.


What Clients Say About Our Solution

"In my network, corporate M&A executives have been hoping for years for a solution that addresses the M&A screening problem. Aggregated databases seem to have brought only small improvements so far. The real-time search and first-source screening of MADiscover is to my knowledge the most consistent product that has been developed for a long time."

Stefan Schneider

M&A Expert | CEO & Founder,

Xperience Connect GmbH

"M&A has long been an essential pillar of Huhtamaki's growth strategy. The selection of suitable partners in various countries and markets has always been important, but also very time-consuming and expensive. With MADiscover we can finally quickly and cost-effectively screen several countries at once."

Frank Hofenbetzer

Head of Corporate Development,

Huhtamaki Oyi

"Every year,

Ernst & Young accompanies countless transactions in various industries, and still the key to successful acquisitions is finding the right target. MADiscover uses complementary and promising methods for identifying companies."

Bernhard Achleitner

Director |

Transaction Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young

Prices for screening projects are composed of two elements - setting up your screening initiative and the geographic scope.

The setup entails a calibration of your screening requirements (understanding your growth strategy and screening parameters). Geographic scopes within a setup can be added anytime.

Pricing Table


One-time fee per setup

Strategic Scope

€ 7,500

Geographic Scope

Per target country

Small country

€ 1,500

Midsized country

Large country

€ 3,000

€ 5,000


Digitize your

M&A target screening now!

About Us

We combine M&A expertise from two different angles - science and practice. With our scientific knowhow we reduce complexity through analysis and systematic evidence. With our a practice-backed curiosity and problem-understanding, we develop individual and creative solutions, rooted in firm-specific context.


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