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Learn about the MADiscover Screening Approach


How do we come up with your best fitting targets? How do we work with our clients? And what are the benefits for M&A managers and consultants in using our dashboard for their acquisition scenarios?

Rewatch the live demo of our presentation at the M&A Digitization Week Europe 2021, hosted by M&A Review, and learn how our solution works. 

Find the download link for the whole session below! 

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M&A Screening is broken. Everyone knows why. Nobody had a cure. Until now.

The founders, Mai Anh Dao and Florian Bauer, view target screening as the central strategic task of corporate development, one in which control, transparency, and traceability are crucial. Financial figures are not, as usual, the sole search criteria but merely serve as selection criteria. 


The MADiscover solution digitizes the screening process for enabling M&A managers to identify business opportunities in a strategically driven, transparent and flexible manner. With our AI-based solution, we start where conventional financial KPI and network-driven screening ends. 

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