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The Strategic Fit Conundrum: Strategic Screening instead of Strategic Squeezing


with Dr. Mai Anh Dao and Prof. Dr. Florian Bauer

Apart from opportunistic approaches of M&A target screening – that is, being approached by a target or identifying a company that is struggling – acquirers can screen for targets more strategically. Based on a program – so strategic rationals that you define in terms of the technological or geographical field to be covered through acquisitions – scan your environment: Identify industries that are growing. Within these industries identify firms that have strong customer bases, patents as a representation of technological knowhow, and skilled human resources.

All of this sounds quite plausible. However, looking at the practical side, we always stumble upon some problems. 

This webinar, we outline a use case that is representative for all the errors a manual screening might result in and present, how digitized M&A target screening allows for more systematic and flexible insights.

Guest speakers:

Prof. Dr. David R. King // Departmen Chair, Higdon Associate Professor of Management // 

Florida State University

Dr. Ralf Held // Managing Director // 


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Dr. Mai Anh Dao and Prof. Dr. Florian Bauer

M&A Screening is broken. Everyone knows why. Nobody had a cure. Until now.

The founders, Mai Anh Dao and Florian Bauer, view target screening as the central strategic task of corporate development, one in which control, transparency, and traceability are crucial. Financial figures are not, as usual, the sole search criteria but merely serve as selection criteria. 


The MADiscover solution digitizes the screening process for enabling M&A managers to identify business opportunities in a strategically driven, transparent and flexible manner. With our AI-based solution, we start where conventional financial KPI and network-driven screening ends. 

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